Crisswood E SAM MK SAWMILL na sprzedaż z Polski

Cena bez VAT
44 984 PLN
9 550 EUR
Cena bez VAT
44 984 PLN
9 550 EUR
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Grupa produktówTraki
Marka / modelCrisswood E SAM MK SAWMILL
Rok produkcji2022
Mascus ID58F4F7B3


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Cena bez VAT44 984 PLN  (9 550 EUR)
VAT (23%)10 346 PLN
Cena z VAT55 330 PLN  (11 747 EUR)


Stan (1-5)
Moc silnika7,50 kW (10 KM)
Producent silnika.OMEC Motors
Stan techniczny/Gwarancja12 mc
Kraj produkcjiPolska
Dodatkowe informacjeBasic model (7.5 kW motor, electric cutting thickness adjustment mechanism, smooth start mechanism and water solenoid valve), extended with a cutting thickness programmer and saw head power feed. All our sawmills have electric quick sawhead Up/Down!

Thanks to this solution, the efficiency of the device and the level of production are significantly increased. It is also a great convenience for people operating the machine. If you have the extra € 2,090 it’s definitely worth it! The purchase of a E SAM MK 2006 is an investment for many, many years, We believe that you can afford this convenience!
We would like to invite you to get acquainted with the offer of our most popular and smallest band sawmill in the version with electric feed and cutting programmer. A machine with a reliable, certified construction, which is unrivaled in its class!

During the production process we use materials supplied by local manufacturers, among others, which allows us to guarantee failure-free, efficient and highest quality at an affordable price.

Technical specification:

7,5 kW motor
electrical adjustment of cutting thickness
programmer of cutting thickness
electric feed
cutting width 85 cm
stable double-sided construction
length of the track 540cm with possibility of extension
smooth start mechanism
The kit includes a pressure, swivel, mounting claws, 5 saws.

Each sawmill produced by us passes a series of tests. Control cuts made on different types of wood allow you to carry out a full adjustment of components. You receive a ready-to-work machine, thanks to which you can easily create boards, countertops, beams or even houses!

The bandsaw has a certificate issued by the Wood Technology Institute – Poznan: Wood Industry Products Certification Center.

Each machine comes with a manual and the EC Declaration of Conformity.

E SAM TYPE MK 2006 band sawmill is covered by a 12-month warranty (excluding parts subject to wear – rollers, bearings, belts).

The warranty on the motors is 3 years.

In addition, we offer a sharpener and a cleaver for band saw blades.

Sharpener for borazon stone with a diameter of 203mm.
Specifications of the sharpener:
- length of the sharpened bandsaw blades: from 3000 to 5600mm
- width of sharpened band saw blades: from 20 to 60mm
- height of sharpened teeth: from 4 to 15mm
- pitch of sharpened teeth: 22,225mm
- rake angle range: from 0 degrees to 20 degrees
- Sharpening speed: from 0 to 60 teeth/min
- motor: 0,55kW/400V
- Borazon grinding wheel: 203x22,2x32
- Weight of the sharpener: 78kg


The pusher has two built-in sensors that automatically measure the tooth opening during the operation of the pusher. Thanks to this tooth setting in band saws is easy and fast.

Specifications of the pusher:
- setting size: up to 1.2 mm per side
- setting accuracy: +/- 0.01 mm
- working speed: 90 teeth/minute
- width of saw blades: from 20 to 60 mm
- tooth pitch: 22.225 mm
- saw blade length: from 3000 to 5600 mm
- saw blade thickness: up to 1.25 mm
- total weight: 35 kg

Price for electric version: 1500 EUR + VAT
Price for the version with crank: 900 EUR + VAT

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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    CrissWood Mateusz Kaźmierczak
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      Prosimy powołać się na Mascus kontaktując się ze sprzedawcą.
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      Prosimy powołać się na Mascus kontaktując się ze sprzedawcą.
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