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Marka / modelr120 roller chipper (6 knives) remet cnc technolog


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Dodatkowe informacjeTractor chipper - how does it work? These are devices which, as the name suggests, are intended to be used in conjunction with agricultural tractors
. The tractor chipper
works by connecting to the PTO shaft, which is why individual chippers
need to be connected to a tractor
with an appropriate engine power. Wood chipping machines are commonly used in forestry and agriculture. Their use allows for quick, precise and safe processing of even a large number of trunks and branches.
Basic types of chippers: disk and drum. What are the differences? In disc chippers
, the element that chops the wood is a metal disc/disc with blades (knives) mounted on it. This solution was patented in 1922 by the German inventor Heinrich Wigger. The rotating disc/disc is perpendicular to the wood fed into the machine (manually or by means of a conveyor belt). A rotating disc with knives crushes them into chips (chips), which are then thrown outside the device through the ejection funnel. By choosing a disc chipper
, we obtain fine material of a uniform shape and size, which can then be used for mulching, for fuel, for the production of chipboards.
Roller chippers
are machines designed to quickly process branches or tree trunks into short pieces. These devices are perfect for forests, parks, orchards or farms. Roller chippers
have a completely different shredding mechanism. It is a rotating cylinder with sharp protrusions (knives). The material we get is wood cut into pieces about 10-16 cm long.
The R-120
roller chipper is designed for cutting branches with a diameter of up to
11 cm (fresh soft wood). The structure of the chipper
is welded, fully disassembled, ensuring adequate rigidity and durability of the machine. The cutting mechanism has been precisely made to ensure appropriate quality, accuracy and concentricity. This translates into a long life of components and the entire device.
The chipper mechanism is equipped with an expanding and clamping sleeve that is used to position the cutting knives, it also serves as overload protection. The chipper
can be additionally equipped with a flywheel/pulley and a folding conveyor belt. The belt gives the possibility of discharging along or to the side of the device.
R120 roller chipper - machine equipment

rear shaft for the flywheel/pulley, adjustable clearance between the knives, inductively hardened gears, long folding funnel, ball hitch for trailer, towing capacity 1000 kg, outlet type: straight - without bagging, max. branch cutting diameter (fresh soft wood) 110 mm, max. cutting diameter of branches (fresh hardwood) 100 mm, max. branch cutting diameter (dry hardwood) 90 mm, length of cut branches 8 - 15 cm, making cutting knives HARDOX steel type 500, charging funnel 62/38 cm. It is possible to equip the chipper with:

single or double bagger, pulley 3x17, flywheel: 38 kg, belt conveyor with accessories (folding).
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