Daewoo Solar 175 LC V na sprzedaż Anglii, Gloucestershire

Cena bez VAT
303 363 PLN
55 000 GBP
Cena bez VAT
303 363 PLN
55 000 GBP


Grupa produktówKoparki leśne
Marka / modelDaewoo Solar 175 LC V
Rok produkcji2004
Mascus IDF9C0090F


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Cena bez VAT303 363 PLN  (55 000 GBP)
VAT (20%)60 673 PLN
Cena z VAT364 035 PLN  (66 000 GBP)


Stan (1-5)
Wymiary transportowe (DxSxW)2800
Kraj produkcjiWielka Brytania
Dodatkowe informacjeHigh lead Winch Excavator
In good working order and is working at the moment.
Built by RJ Fukes and reconditioned by them at the point of purchase by us approximately 3 years ago.
Jobs done then included cosmetic - new doors on the pump and radiator compartments, resprayed tombstone and mechanically fuel tank cleaned/new fuel cap, winch gear checked over, new track chains and sprockets.
The winch system has a CE mark to comply with Health and Safety requirements/insurances/operator qualifications.
We bought this for a long term project which has now come to an end and I don't want it to sit between jobs.
A great winch with auto return of the chokers all operated by one joystick on the right arm rest. It can be used as a single line pull and we have pulled trees back from roadsides with this. There is a pedal system for isolating the drums and also another to momentarily return to digger mode to move the bucket. Comes with choker rings, some pulleys and strops plus various spare hammerlocks etc.
A great machine, selling reluctantly.
Simon Penna
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Na Internetowej giełdzie używanych maszyn i ciężkiego sprzętu Mascus.pl, dostępne jest aktualne ogłoszenie Daewoo Solar 175 LC V z kategorii koparki leśne, rok produkcji 2004 r. z miasta: Gloucestershire, Wielka Brytania. Możesz kupić teraz tę maszynę za: 303 363 zł. Dane szczegółowe - Stan (1-5): 4, Wymiary transportowe (DxSxW): 2800 mm, Kraj produkcji: Wielka Brytania