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Grupa produktówZamiatarki - Zgarniarki - Odśnieżarki
Marka / modelrotary weeder, weed brush or500 4farmer
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Nr ew. wew.OR500/4FARMER
Masa całkowita60 kg
Dodatkowe informacjeThanks to the possibilities of modern production of agricultural
or municipal machinery, as well as technological progress, we can make our work easier and make it less burdensome and more automated. Machines for maintaining order on the farm, as well as taking care of urban areas, play a very important role. For many farms or companies that care about cleanliness, machines that save time and achieve better efficiency of work are invaluable.
Rotary weed remover, weed brush OR500
is a product that will be appreciated by both municipal companies, but also the industry dealing with cleaning work outside buildings, cleaning and renovation of paving stones, taking care of the aesthetics of the environment. Industrial companies with extensive facilities around which cleanliness must be maintained, municipal municipal companies taking care of areas in parks or squares, private companies offering cleaning services. The weed remover
quickly and effectively removes grass, weeds and moss growing on the ankle, roadsides or sidewalks.
Where does this strength and power to work come from? The rotary weeder
, OR500 weed brush is a machine driven by a 11.8 - 15.9 kW gerotor hydraulic motor. The operation of such motors consists in converting the hydraulic energy produced by the pump into mechanical energy.
The weeder
is available in three versions of the hydraulic motor - 80, 125 and 160. The type of motor determines the amount of oil flow in the tractor. The higher the value, the faster the machine runs and has more power. The product has 2 hydraulic connectors, after finishing work, they can be placed in special holders, thus maintaining order and aesthetics around the device. This machine is mounted on the rear three-point linkage Cat I and II, and in the case of hydraulics at the front, also on the front three-point linkage.
A wide range of adjustment gives many possibilities! The weeder
has the ability to manually adjust the length of the arm, working height in 3 levels, the angle of the head in 2 positions (standard and rotation by 90 degrees), as well as the option of lateral setting of the machine in 5 ranges. The weeder is equipped with 33 working tines with a length of 25 cm, they allow you to work in an area with a working diameter of 55 cm. In addition, this machine has an adjustable guard to protect against stones or chipping of small elements during operation. The cover is adjustable in terms of height and angle relative to the head.
The operation of the device, as well as the construction itself, is simple, which guarantees long and trouble-free use. It is very important to match the hydraulic motor in the machine to the hydraulic flow capacity of the tractor. Too little oil flow in the tractor due to the small diameter of the hydraulic hoses (minimum 18) will significantly weaken the power of the weeder itself, so we will not use its full potential. S.C. Wojciech i Miłosz Początek
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