180 cm sweeper for a tractor with a basket, a wate na sprzedaż z Polski

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Marka / model180 cm sweeper for a tractor with a basket, a wate
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Nr ew. wew.Zamiatarka180/TUZ/H/POJ/SZ/4FARMER
Dodatkowe informacjeThe sweeper
, as the name suggests, is designed to remove dirt from surfaces such as roads, squares, sidewalks, areas covered with asphalt, paving stones or concrete. Sweepers
will find their application in the municipal, agricultural and construction industries. In addition, they can be used in winter after dismantling the basket as a snow blower
in order to get rid of the layer of snow. These are very versatile machines, facilitating cleaning, allowing for effective and quick work. On the market, we can find sweepers
dedicated to a tractor
(3-point linkage) or a forklift
The 180 cm sweeper
with a 4FARMER
basket is attached to the tractor
through the rear three-point linkage Cat I and Cat II and is driven by the power take-off shaft (PTO). The working width of this model is 180 cm.
How does a sweeper work? The cleaning mechanism is a roller on which dense bristles made of polypropylene are placed. It is powered by the power transmitted from the tractor. The sweeper
is equipped with a basket located behind the roller. The roller, rotating, removes the impurities, collecting them in the basket. The container is opened hydraulically by means of a hydraulic cylinder (hydraulic outputs from the tractor are required).
A machine for special tasks. In addition, the sweeper
is extended with a water container
and a side brush. By choosing such a set, when working with a sweeper with a water tank, we limit the amount of floating dust and pollution. Sprinkling with water also allows for more effective removal of dirt from the surface.
The side brush
, on the other hand, is placed on an adjustable arm, it sweeps impurities from the surface and nooks and crannies to which the sweeper shaft
has no access. Most often these are places near curbs, walls, shelves. The side brush
is mounted on the right side of the sweeper
Side brush bristles are made of two types of material - polypropylene bristles and wire bristles, The diameter of the side brush is 50 cm, Possibility of adjusting the brush setting in three planes. A noteworthy advantage is the reaction of the brush when encountering an obstacle - the brush moves back and then returns to its original position after passing the obstacle. When properly positioned, the side brush
(brush face) should be slightly tilted forward. Appropriate adjustment of the height and angle of the side brush
will increase the efficiency of sweeping and reduce excessive wear of the brush.
The effective operation of the sweeper for the tractor
is ensured by the guide wheels, enabling the appropriate setting of the sweeper
to the surface on which we are working. It should be remembered that too much pressure of the bristles on the surface to be cleaned will cause excessive wear.

*The illustrative photo shows the model in size 120 cm.
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