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Cena bez VAT
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Grupa produktówKosiarki ogrodowe
Marka / modelStiga park 500w
Mascus ID8907F851


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Cena bez VAT17 929 PLN
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Nr ew. wew.2F6120645/ST2P
Masa całkowita206 kg
Dodatkowe wyposażeniePossibility to connect a mower deck with QuickFlip technology
Dodatkowe informacjeDo you dream of a strong, reliable garden tractor
that gives maximum pleasure of work and minimum of your effort? This product is definitely for you! This is invaluable equipment that will accompany you at any time of the year. It will help you win in high grass, and in the winter season it will not let you be late for work after heavy snowfall. Are you tired of seeing your neighbor relaxing on the terrace and his lawn looking amazing? surprise him! Discover the multifunctionality of garden tractors
and your lawn will look better.
Stiga Park garden tractors
are a unique line of products with a front cutting unit. Such a machine will be perfect if you need to reach hard-to-reach places, it will cope with uneven terrain. Thanks to the articulated steering, maneuvering around obstacles such as flower beds, decorative stones or trees will be a pleasure. Stiga Park 500
is equipped with a Stiga
ST 550 single-cylinder combustion engine with a capacity of 586 cm3 and a power of 11.90 kW at 3200 rpm. The new design of the hood of the tractor made it look modern and attractive, and thanks to the adjustable seat and ergonomic steering wheel, mowing became more pleasant. Wondering what speed you will reach? The maximum is even 10 km/h plus invaluable rear-wheel drive. Such advantages will allow you to mow areas up to 7000 m2.
Do you like when one device has many functions? Then you'll love the Stiga Park 500 W garden tractor
. This is a multi-season machine, after buying a mower deck, you can choose the option ideal for longer grass - mowing and rear discharge or mulching. This process involves chopping the grass and then spreading it over the lawn, which helps to fertilize the soil. The tractor has a manual adjustment of the cutting height, and the maximum working width is 110 cm. In winter, the Park tractor
can be connected to a snow plow, thanks to which we have a great helper to deal with the snow.
The advantage of the Park
series is the location of the cutting unit, the front-mounted mechanism allows full control over the machine and mowing. Cleaning the mechanism is extremely easy, thanks to the Stiga
Quick Flip technology, which allows you to easily lift the cutting deck. The Stiga company
has equipped its product with the RAC
system, which enables efficient and accurate connection of the cutting unit, as well as other parts or accessories, which will allow for all your garden madness.
What will ensure the comfort of working on Stiga Park 500? Comfortable, adjustable seat with cushioning of uneven terrain Functional steering wheel Plenty of leg room for comfortable and quick mowing The possibility of bending the machine in the middle allows for safe precise driving 12 liter fuel tank Choose a reliable Stiga Park 500 tractor and become the king of your garden.
*Mower deck sold separately. S.C. Wojciech i Miłosz Początek
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Na Internetowej giełdzie używanych maszyn i ciężkiego sprzętu, dostępne jest aktualne ogłoszenie Stiga park 500w z kategorii kosiarki ogrodowe, rok produkcji - r. z miasta: -, Polska. Możesz kupić teraz tę maszynę za: 17 929 zł. Dane szczegółowe - Nr ew. wew.: 2F6120645/ST2P, Masa całkowita: 206 kg