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Grupa produktówKosiarki ogrodowe
Marka / modelIseki sxg 326+
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Nr ew. wew.Iseki_SXG326+ / HL / 600
Dodatkowe wyposażenieFront PTO / PTO shaft
Dodatkowe informacjeGlobal success - quality and precision
When we hear ISEKI
, we think reliability, the latest technology, high product quality and prestige
. Behind the brand name there are 90 years of experience in the production of agricultural tractors, the latest Japanese technology, factories located all over the world, German precision, a modern production process and the most developed distribution network in the sector of mini tractors and agricultural tractors as well as hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers on around the world.
International leader in the production of lawnmowers
products are a combination of the highest Japanese technology
, the highest quality materials used and German precision
, accuracy of the tasks performed and, what is the most important for Iseki
, a partnership approach to customers and local distributors (modern training centers for dealers). The demand for mini tractors of both countries, with mutual exchange of technology and ideas, led both countries to produce the best sub-compact tractors in the world, and ISEKI was ranked 3rd in Japan by market share and leading the global market.
The SXG3+
series self-propelled mower
consists of two models of Iseki SXG323+ self-propelled mowers
and 4 versions of the Iseki SXG326+
model. Iseki SXG+
are machines with 3-cylinder diesel engines (22 or 23/24/25/26 HP), STAGE V (EU 2016/1628) combustion standard, front PTO shaft, power steering and mower with a cutting width of 1220 mm respectively for the SXG323+ and for the SXG326+ it is a choice of 1220 or 1370 mm. All models of the SXG3+
series are equipped with a hydrostatic gearbox
, which is operated with foot pedals, grass wheels that prevent the destruction of the ground on which our mower
moves, and a ROPS safety bar. Differences between models and equipment of individual copies:
Iseki SXG323+ 21.9 HP / low tip / cutting width 1220 mm / basket 550 liters , Iseki SXG323+ 21.9 HP / high tip / cutting width 1220 mm / basket 600 liters , Iseki SXG326+ 23.4 HP / low dump / cutting width 1220 mm / basket 550 liters, Iseki SXG326+ 24.4 HP / high tip / cutting width 1220 mm / basket 600 liters, Iseki SXG326+ 25.4 HP / low dump / cutting width 1370 mm / basket 550 liters, Iseki SXG326+ 26.4 HP / high tip / cutting width 1370 mm / basket 600 liters
, Iseki SXG 326+ key features and product characteristics
Iseki SXG 326+
is a professional self-propelled mower
that collects grass with a two-knife mower with a working width of 1220 mm
or 1370 mm
depending on the machine version. The Iseki
SXG 326+
series mowers are available in 4 versions, the manufacturer's offer includes machines with engines with a power of 23.4 / 24.4 / 25.4 / 26.4 HP
, with a grass basket of 550 liters
in models with low discharge and 600 liter
grass catcher for mowers with high discharge. All versions, regardless of the engine power, have a hydrostatic gearbox
, power steering
, ROPS safety bar, hydraulic basket emptying
and hydraulic lowering of the mower. Adjustable mowing height is an 8-step range from 25 to 115 mm. Hydraulic steering
, front PTO shaft
as standard, rear-wheel drive, adjustable seat are the most important features of the SXG 326+
mower. A wide mower with the ability to collect even wet grass
or leaves with the option of mulching (additional option) and a large-capacity basket of 600 (only in the high tip version) with a basket full indicator or 550 liters (low tip) is efficient work without unnecessary interruptions.
Additional options and attachments for SXG 326+ mower tractors
cabin, adjustable chair, snow plow 130 mm wide, front sweeper brush with a width of 1100 mm, box spreader with a width of 800 mm, rotor spreader with a capacity of 75 liters, additional road lighting, All versions of the corsair from the SXG3+
family are professional, reliable and irreplaceable equipment
for farms, municipal companies and private users who value comfort, convenience and professionalism. Small size and high agility of movement with minimal fuel consumption are the highest technology, comfort and convenience,
all made with the most demanding users in mind.

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