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Marka / modelPower generator daewoo gda 3500dfe
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Dodatkowe wyposażenieDual Fuel System
Dodatkowe informacjeNowadays, it is difficult to function without electricity. The lack of its availability makes work very difficult and can give us an unwanted break or - even worse - turn off many of our home devices. It happens that access to electricity becomes an important issue also during cleaning works in remote areas where it is not connected, then a difficulty arises. Fortunately, advances in technology mean that electricity generators
are no longer very expensive and hardly available equipment. The very well-known and recognized Daewoo
brand offers reliable and professional power supply devices
The power generator
from Daewoo
is designed for self-generation of electricity, which can then be used to power various devices. It is dedicated to use in summer houses, construction sites or in inaccessible areas, campsites, forest areas. The unit
is driven by a simple internal combustion engine, in which we use unleaded gasoline as fuel.
Dual Fuel system The Daewoo
GDA 3500 DFE
stands out from the rest because it has a Dual Fuel dual fuel system. What does it give us? In addition to powering the generator with gasoline, we can use a mixture of propane / butane gas as a power source. Most of the gas is oxidized in the engine's combustion chamber, so less harmful exhaust is emitted during operation. Such a fuel system allows for a longer engine life up to 1.5 times. Of course, the operating costs of a dual-fuel unit in relation to a gasoline unit is about 50%.
The unit
from Daewoo GDA 3500DFE
has a reliable internal combustion engine with a power of 7.5 HP and a displacement of 208 cm3. The engine produced for the Master Line gensets is characterized by a simple structure, which guarantees long life and low fuel consumption. Such an engine at 50% load will provide us with work for 15 hours. In addition, the fuel tank in the unit has been enlarged to 18L. The tank itself has been additionally protected with a special matte paint that protects against corrosion and the effects of chemical substances. The GDA 3500
has two sockets (2 x 16 A) and one connection (1 x 12 V) as well as an AVR voltage stabilizer. It ensures safe operation for connected devices without sudden voltage spikes that can lead to failure.
This generator
is equipped with an advanced air filtration system. This provides additional engine protection by trapping dust and debris that can cause the engine to overheat.
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