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Marka / modelsnowblower al-ko snowline 760 te
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Cena bez VAT10 809 PLN
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Nr ew. wew.112930
Masa całkowita126 kg
Dodatkowe wyposażenieHeated handles
Dodatkowe informacjeIf you are looking for a machine that will give you peace of mind in the winter and save you from fighting the snow before leaving for work in the morning, AL-KO
offers the perfect product for you! Solid, modern design, and at the same time simple construction of the snow blower
allow for trouble-free operation, while the electric and manual start will definitely improve the machine's switching on.
Forget about fighting snow! The AL-KO SnowLine 760 TE petrol snowblower
a professional product, designed for the toughest challenges. Regardless of the amount of snow, the snow
blower will easily cope with its removal.
What's behind it?
caterpillar drive, sensational, powerful engine, working width up to 76 cm. Let's get down to business! This unique machine is equipped with a reliable 4-stroke overhead valve engine in the SnowLine winter version. It gives a very high rated power - 9 KW, and thanks to the large engine capacity of 420 cm3, it is not afraid of difficult winter conditions. Starting the machine in winter conditions can be problematic, but with the AL-KO SnowLine 760 TE
you don't have to worry - this model is equipped with an electric starter in addition to the electric starter. By connecting the snowthrower
to the 230 V socket, the engine is started with the switch.
You can finally enjoy snow removal! The machine is self-propelled and offers 6 forward and 2 reverse gears. Thanks to this, we can adjust the speed of our work to the conditions. The AL-KO SnowLine 760 TE
is a very efficient machine because it works in two stages. First, the snow is crushed by the auger rotor with a working width of 76 cm and collected at the rear of the machine. Do you find difficult conditions, hard, frozen, icy snow? The AL-KO company
took care of the quality of its product, the blade of the snow blower is made of reinforced and very resistant steel, thanks to which snow and ice are crushed by the auger blades before they reach the rotor. The snow is ejected successively with great force by means of a turbine up to a maximum distance of 15 m through the discharge channel. The discharge channel has an adjustable angle of rotation up to 190 degrees and is also extremely impact and damage resistant.
Work comfort and efficiency The working height of the snow
blower is regulated by means of skids, thanks to which we improve the comfort of our work, without damaging the ground. An innovative element is the independent caterpillar drive, which ensures perfect grip of the machine even on steep slopes. In addition, work is also possible after dark, because the snow blower
has a front headlight.
What other amenities await us? Heated, soft grips will keep your hands warm and allow you to work longer, and the adjustable steering mechanism allows for a perfect fit to your height.
Advantages of the AL-KO SnowLine 760
powerful engine with a capacity of 420 cm3, working width 76 cm, adjustable throwing angle and long throwing distance. Working with such a machine will ensure efficiency, but also ease of work even in difficult conditions and heavy snowfall. S.C. Wojciech i Miłosz Początek
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Na Internetowej giełdzie używanych maszyn i ciężkiego sprzętu, dostępne jest aktualne ogłoszenie [Other] snowblower al-ko snowline 760 te z kategorii inne maszyny komunalne, rok produkcji - r. z miasta: -, Polska. Możesz kupić teraz tę maszynę za: 10 809 zł. Dane szczegółowe - Nr ew. wew.: 112930, Masa całkowita: 126 kg