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Dodatkowe informacjeWhat does winter mean to you? We definitely have snow, frost and joyful fun in the snow. However, or only? Unfortunately, snow removal
and sometimes a lot of back pain are also an inseparable element. Surely, after a heavy snowfall
, at least once you got tired of clearing snow and fighting to be able to leave the house for work in the morning and not bury yourself in the snow. Fortunately, times are changing, manufacturers meet our needs, thanks to which we can enjoy the winter season in a more pleasant way.
The Daewoo company
offers a sensational solution - battery snow throwers
! They are pleasant to use, exhaust-free, do not require a connection to the mains, ensuring clean and light work.
The Daewoo Dast 5040 Li battery snowblower
is a sensational machine that will certainly bring you a lot of satisfaction from work and save you from back pain after snow removal. It is a very easy to use and compact product. You can easily remove snow up to 30 cm deep on the terrace or sidewalk, without having to wrestle with an ordinary manual snow shovel.
Economical work! The operation of this machine is based on 40V lithium-ion battery technology. Insert a battery with a capacity of 2 Ah into the sealed battery slot and start working. A 2 Ah battery is included with the product. The battery ensures quiet operation with minimal vibration. The Daewoo
5040 Li snowblower was created with convenience, comfort and economical, pleasant work in mind.
How does work with the Daewoo battery snow blower look like? After charging the battery, we put it in the snow blower and then the fun begins! It must be added that the snowblower is fired very quickly with one button. The snow blower
throws the collected snow at a distance of up to 10 m. The width of the rotor itself is 46 cm. We have the ability to control the direction of snow discharge at any time thanks to the manually adjustable chimney up to 190 degrees. This is important when working close to the building, at gates or fences, thanks to such regulation we will collect snow exactly where we want.
*The set includes a battery and a charger. S.C. Wojciech i Miłosz Początek
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