Bell Dredging Pumps

Winkelerzand 1a
Noord Holland

1731 LR Winkel
(Region: Noord-Holland)
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  • Bell Dredging Pumps

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Caterpillar Pontoons

This versatility and experience, we've been specializing in working with amphibians cranes. These cranes can by tracked pontoons on the water sailing and riding in dredging. This way of working has many advantages. The amphibious crane can reach places where a normal crawler crane can not come. There are also no longer pontoons needed, which will save them a significant cost.

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    Winkelerzand 1a, Noord Holland, 1731 LR Winkel, (Region: Noord-Holland), Holandia
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    Słowa kluczowe

    • amphibious excavator
    • amfibiekraan
    • tracked pontoons
    • Amphibien-Kräne
    • амфибия экскаватор
    • гусеничный понтоны
    • wetland excavators
    • swamp excavators
    • softsoil excavators

    To jest strona firmowa Bell Dredging Pumps zlokalizowanej w Holandia, Noord-Holland, Winkel.

    Firma oferuje usługi: sprzęt używany i nowy sprzęt.

    Bell Dredging Pumps reprezentuje następujące marki: Bell Dredging Pumps.

    Firma specjalizuje się w amphibious excavator, amfibiekraan, tracked pontoons, Amphibien-Kräne, амфибия экскаватор, гусеничный понтоны, wetland excavators, swamp excavators, softsoil excavators.